The SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE Big Giveaway Finale!


Congratulations to Winner – Jillian Heise

Hi again. *Whew* It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and we’re not done yet! But I thought I’d kick off the BIG GIVEAWAY FINALE.

So here’s how it’s going to work. I need you to keep working on your Street Team activities (thank you for your efforts so far!). But I’m also going to add in a huge prize pack of awesomeness as a thank you to anyone who has bought my book.

Here’s what you can win:

That’s right: 8 books for that special young person in your life. But wait – there’s more!

I’m also going to throw in a SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE Street Team t-shirt. Swaggy bracelets, bookmarks (not just mine) and Lewis, the sock monkey.

All you have to do is send me an e-mail at with a scan of your receipt for buying SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE attached and tell me who you bought it for-yourself, your friend, niece, whoever – there is no wrong answer!

AND in addition to the prize pack above, I will also send you a signed copy of SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE, inscribed just the way you like, so that you can have a special one to keep for yourself or pass along.

So that’s 9 books, swag and my eternal thanks for buying my book.

You ready?

You’ve got until the end of the month: July 31 at 11:59 to send me your entry.

July Street Team Check In.

Welcome (or welcome back!) to the monthlyStreet Team check in.

CONGRATULATIONS to fearoflung, winner of the JUNE STREET TEAM prize pack!

Okay, so that important business is out of the way, so let’s kick off the JULY Street Team EXTRAVAGANZA. You remember the deal, right? You get to be a member of my street team by telling the world about my book, SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE. And since this is RELEASE Month, I’m adding some more ways you can enter.

It’s really easy – and there are prizes! WHAT PRIZES? You ask?

This month, I’m celebrating the awesome authors who loved my book enough to blurb it and put their names right there on the cover.

Eileen Cook and Lisa McMann!

So, behold: this month’s STREET TEAM PRIZE PACK:

Includes 3 books (one is signed), an official STREET TEAM T-shirt, a signed bookmark and two of my glow-in-the-dark-secret-holding bracelets.

So, if you haven’t joined up yet, here’s how:

To be a member of the SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE Street Team, all you need to do is spread the word about, well, SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE. How? you ask? EASY: You can tweet about it, do a Facebook note about it, like my page on Facebook, write about it on your blog, make a video about it, review it on Goodreads, send an e-mail to your friends telling them to check out the book, ask your library or local bookstore to carry the book, whatever! I just need you to be my people on the street, getting the word out.

Sound easy? Yeah, it is. Every month, I’ll do a draw for cool stuff: things like signed books (mine and by other cool people), Street Team SWAG, gift certificates etc. So to enter, all you need to do is spread the word and then come back and add a comment telling me what you did (and a link if it’s a video or post) and you’ll be entered in this month’s draw.

AND since this is release month – if you take a picture of SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE out in the wild (like on a bookstore shelf or in the hands of an awesome person who is reading it (please ask if it’s a stranger) and share it with me, you get 2 entries. I may even post your photo on a later post, so make it as fun and awesome as you can. 

Each thing you do will get you one entry (other than the picture thing above), but please try to put everything in one comment, to save me having to scroll through what I’m sure will be thousands of comments. Also, don’t forget to include your e-mail address, in case you win! Be creative (and legal, of course) and have fun! Ready? GO!

As always, if you’re super-lazy like me, you can just grab this:

Ready made Tweet/FB Status, just copy and paste: SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE, cute and funny MG by @joannelevy out NOW! Check it out on Goodreads #SMALstreetteam

or this: I loved reading @joannelevy’s SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE and you will, too! Check it out:  #SMALstreetteam