Virtual Visits

Hello! Thanks for your interest in booking me for a virtual visit. I have found virtual visits to be a lot of fun and the format can provide a more intimate venue for students to chat with an author, rather than have her try to be heard in an echoey gym with kids sitting uncomfortably on a hard floor. It also allows for all of us to meet new people that extensive travel prevented in the past.

I am SO excited to chat with you and your students, and not just because it means I can wear my yoga pants (I promise, I will wear pants).

Kidding aside, I’ve worked hard on my school presentation to make it interesting and interactive (as is suited to the technology) and am happy to tweak it to suit your students’ needs.

Duration: 45 – 60 minutes. The formal part of my presentation, where I talk and share a PowerPoint via Zoom or other online platform, runs about a half an hour – the rest of the time is for your Q&A.

Topics covered:

  • Who I am, my long and bumpy road to publication, persistence and never giving up.
  • Learning to accept and move on from failure. Finding strength in rejection.
  • Famous people who didn’t let failure stop them (Michael Jordan, Greta Thunberg, Thomas Edison, Wayne Gretzky, Stephen King).
  • How a book is made, from the kernel of an idea, to drafting and the rounds of edits and why editing is so necessary. I include several screenshots of my editing process and working collaboratively with an editor.
  • Cover design.

I also leave plenty of time for Q&A. I will answer any questions about me, my pets, being an author, writing, or whether I like pancakes or waffles best. I will also do a short reading if time permits.

I would love to be able to autograph for your students, thank you for asking! While we’re doing things virtually, we have a few options:

  • I can arrange for my local bookstore to take orders and we can ship the batch of signed/personalized books to you for in-person distribution.
  • The store can take care of shipping for individual books.
  • Or, if you’re all participating virtually, or are in the US or abroad, I can send signed bookplates (stickers) to be placed inside each book purchased individually.

I can provide order forms for you to send to families to help make this an easy and streamlined process for you.

There is a $225 CAD +HST ($175 USD) honorarium for my virtual visits. I do ask that you sign a simple booking agreement to save the date. Please contact me via email and we can discuss dates and further details.

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