The Sun Will Come Out

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Twelve-year-old Bea Gelman and her best friend Frankie are planning the BEST SUMMER EVER at Camp Shalom—a sleepover camp. Except at the last minute, Frankie bows out, leaving Bea on her own to go to a camp where she won’t know ANYONE. And Bea is so shy that just talking to strangers causes her break out into ugly, blotchy hives.

Between dealing with the hives and being pranked by a duo of mean girls, Bea gets the idea to spend her summer in the infirmary, away from everything that’s stressing her out: boys (including her crush, Jeremy), the horrible mean girls, and even the one girl she thought might be a friend, but who betrayed her. At the infirmary, Bea meets Harry, a boy living with a disease that’s way more intense than stress breakouts.

THE SUN WILL COME OUT is a funny and heartwarming account of a shy girl’s first summer away from home where she learns she really can do anything and silver linings can be found just about anywhere.

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