The Arizona Road Trip of Awesome Giveaway!

Hi. I hope you’re doing great! I’m heading out for a ROAD TRIP OF AWESOME this week. What makes a road trip awesome, you ask? Well, let me share some cool stuff I’ll be doing:

  1. Going to A.S. King‘s event at Changing Hands in Tempe Arizona on Thursday (if you’re in the area, you should absolutely come!)
  2. Meeting my online friend, Amy Dominy
  3. School visits with the amazing Jennifer Nielsen* (meep! I’ve never done school visits before – hold me!)
  4. Going to the Tucson Festival of Books on Saturday – have you been to this? It’s AMAZING and while I’m there, I’m on panels with Lisa McMann, Heather Brewer, Jennifer Nielsen (hopefully she’s not sick of me by then) and my other online friend, Linda Urban. If you’re in Tucson and coming to the festival, make sure you find me and say hello – here’s the schedule.
  5. This is just the busy, writer related stuff – I’ll also be doing some serious R&R and of course, book buying.

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – Congrats to Melissa Roske!

But before I go, I have to pack for the trip. Of course I only have so much room, but I have like a zillion Sharpies! How to choose? YOU are going to help me. Pick from the colors below and tell me why I should take that color of Sharpie to sign books with. Just leave a comment below and you’re entered to win a copy of YOUR CHOICE of SIGNED/PERSONALIZED book by one of any of the authors listed above (or you could get some extra brownie points and pick a signed personalized copy of my book, but if you don’t I understand. I mean, look at those other authors!).

Sound like the easiest thing ever? Yeah, pretty much. And if you tweet, Facebook or otherwise tell your friends about it, I’ll give you an extra entry, just make sure you let me know in your comment what you’ve done. Because I’m not rich, this will have to be a North America only contest (sorry friends from Norway and other lovely places abroad!). AND you only have until this Wednesday, March 6 at 23:59 EST to enter so I can pick a winner and organize the prize.

Here’s what you’re choosing from?

Left to right: bronze, Kermit green, black, teal, sky blue, purple, red, orange, indigo, pink, forest green. Don’t forget to tell me WHY you picked that color.


Okay, ready? GO!

*Jennifer also has an event at Changing Hands on Wednesday, which I will unfortunately not be able to attend, but if you’re in the area, go and say hi for me. Tell her I’ll see her Thursday.

42 thoughts on “The Arizona Road Trip of Awesome Giveaway!”

  1. My vote, the teal (4th from the left) because it matches the teal color on your book’s cover. And I’d want YOUR book! Have a great trip!

  2. I’d go with the brilliant blue, fifth from the left, because it matches the color used for your book title, “Small Medium at Large” (and that’s the book I want!)

  3. Hey Joanne

    Great idea! I’m going with red because it’s one of the colors my kids just picked to take with us to Disney on Friday for their autograph books. 🙂

    Now, since I already have yours, I think I’ll go with Jennifer’s. I loved giving it away on our blog so much, I kinda want one for my kids now too.

    Off to RT.

    Have a great time!

    1. Hi Maria! You’re a woman after my own heart – purple is my fav color, too. And I’m also wearing a purple shirt right now! Thanks for the love!

    1. Hi Christie – well you’ve met me, so you should know that even in the sun, I don’t get bronze (the pink or red markers would be more accurate representations of my sun-kissed complexion). But the bronze Sharpie is pretty and metallic, it’s definitely a contender.

  4. Oh, it must be purple. I love purple. It can be so many things to both male and female (my husband’s fav is purple to) and anything purple in nature is especially awesome. From purple mountains (I live in CO) to the whole range of purple flowers.

    Since I have your book, I’d love AS King’s since hers is on my wish list but haven’t got to it because of some “required” reading for the genre I’m writing.

    Thanks and enjoy your fabulous trip!

  5. Bronze. My friends are winemakers in Sonoma and sign the labels of bottles. The bronze is kind of bold, sparkly and pops. Much more exciting than boring black. Sherry p.s. Have a great time. if I win, please donate the signed book to a school or library.

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks so much for stopping by – love the signed bottles idea. I was in St. Maarten recently and visited a shop where bottles of liquer were all personalized – beautiful tough. And bronze really is bold and sparkles!

  6. Red. Because REASONS.

    Okay, it’s because every small robot in my kitchen is red. Red makes me think of cherries. Which makes me think of popsicles. And I like popsicles.

  7. I have to vote read because I think it would go nicely with the yellow of your book!

    And you are going to be hanging out with so many super awesome authors! So jealous!

    (and I tweeted about this!)

    1. Hi Christa, thanks for popping by! And red is so striking isn’t it? I wanted to add in a yellow Sharpie, but it just doesn’t show up very well. It’s going to be a great weekend for sure. 😀

  8. Definitely the marker fifth from the left. One it is a really nice shade, and two because it would look really great inside a book. =) (blue or teal is always the answer)

    Hope you have an amazing time in Arizona!!!


  9. I’m going to go with orange because it’s my best friend’s favorite color (she’s obsessed with anything orange), and she’d be soooooo excited that someone was using orange sharpie. We’ll both be at TFOB! Can’t wait!

  10. I am going with Green. Green is the color for Hope which is my favorite virtue. Hope says anything is possible. So it is possible for your career to be long, lasting, and extremely successful!

    1. I like how you think! I find green very calming and comforting (just look at my blog design!). Thanks for stopping by and for the promo love!

  11. Orange! It’s bouncy, fun, and people just can’t ignore it! Not to mention it’s llamarific and everyone loves llamas.

  12. Thank you so much, Joanne! I can’t wait to get my hands on Small Medium at Large. An honor! Thanks so much again. I really appreciate winning your book.

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